UC Davis Magazine Online
Volume 21
Number 3
Spring 2004
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Cover of Spring 2004 print issue

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

When Professor Ray Valentine started his own biotech company back in the ’80s, it caused a scandal. Things have certainly changed.

Fungus Among Us

They’re underfoot but overlooked—though not by Professor Emeritus Robert Sommer who, for nearly 40 years, has been promoting environmental awareness with his photos of mushrooms on campus.

The New Slave Trade

The number of people enslaved around the world today rivals the numbers forced into bondage during the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

How Old Can We Grow?

People are living longer, and that’s transforming our world in some unexpected ways.

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For many smuggled migrants, the road to another country can lead to death or enslavement, as discussed in "The New Slave Trade." Illustration by Shawn Turner.

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