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UC Davis Magazine

Volume 32 · Number 2 · Spring 2015

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Still alive

photo: Furry hand with claws reaching around trunk of tree

New courses on horror literature are breathing life into English enrollments.

From pines to pixels

Photo illustration: a forest merges into smiling computer scientist Nina Amenta

A computer scientist’s simulations of nature could play a key role in protecting the world’s forests and balancing the global carbon budget.

Pandemic busters

Photo: a scientist pipettes samples into a test tube

A UC Davis-led program, funded with $100 million from a federal agency, is working with partners in 31 countries to detect viruses before they spread.

Sports: Fan makers

Photo: UC Davis basketball player Corey Hawkins attemptint to shoot over UC Riverside players

Never mind March Madness. The Aggie men’s basketball craze lasted all year long, with the cheers of ecstatic fans still echoing well beyond The Pavilion.



Video: "Inside the UC Davis Men's Basketball Championship Season"