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Volume 20
Number 4
Summer 2003
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Campus Views

SCHOOL'S OUTSummer fun llustration

When they were younger, UC Davis students had far less choice in their summer plans: endless road trips to “national treasures” they had never heard of, arts-and-crafts day-camps that had no supplies other than toothpicks and glue, visits to bizarre relatives they were mortified to be related to. Nowadays these same people who once dreaded summer are deciding for themselves how to spend their three-month break. So what are they doing? We asked a few, and here’s what they said:

• “Spending six weeks in Ireland learning about literature. And hiking, too, apparently. But I swear they didn’t mention that when I signed up.”
Shannon Richardson, continuing senior, statistics

• “Taking vacations to Hawaii and Yosemite. And I’ll be working at a musical theatre summer camp for kids. I’ll have to remember to buy earplugs.”
Katie Bauer, sophomore, nature and culture

• “Working at my old job at a clinic that cares for the elderly in San Francisco and reading the new Harry Potter.”
Kenny Leong, continuing senior, music and biology

• “Taking my last class and then going on vacation in Hawaii. The trip will be my last chance to have fun before getting a job.”
Christina Lynes, senior, communications

• “Visiting my mother outside Washington, D.C., and taking a trip to New York. I’m also hoping to work in a hospital and play golf. Maybe I’ll play golf with the doctors.”
Jason Forrest, junior, economics and international relations

• “Painting buildings for the school district in my hometown, Reedley.”
Larry Stramby, senior, international relations

• “Studying abroad in France and taking an art program. My girlfriend is going to fly over, and we’ll tour through the country for about two weeks, visiting wineries and embarrassing ourselves with our really bad French.”
Ray Wooliever, continuing senior, art history

• “Mostly I’ll be staying in town and working. Toward the end of summer, I’m going to study abroad in Vancouver. And no, I’m not worried about SARS.”
Jessica Libbey, sophomore, psychology

• “Looking for a job. Know of any?”
Chris Meares, senior, international relations

— Chris Meares ’03


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