UC Davis Magazine Online
Volume 23
Number 2
Winter 2006
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Cover of Winter 2006 print issue

Headed for a Bad Break

Geologist Jeff Mount predicts a two-in-three chance of massive levee failure in the Delta in the next 50 years.

Farm vs. Farm

In what’s been called possibly the biggest upset in college football history, the Aggies beat Stanford.

Pay Dirt

Farmers may find one day that they can help fight global warming and make their fields pay in an unexpected way: by burying a key greenhouse gas.

Corps Curriculum

Interest has declined in ROTC since the start of the Iraq war, but a number of students still find it the best route to be all they can be.

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About the cover: Charlie Rominger ’79 and his brothers, who farm 2,500 acres in Yolo County, have found that low-till techniques have increased the carbon in their soil—a plus for their farm and for the environment. For more see "Pay Dirt." Photo by Karin Higgins/UC Davis.

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