UC Davis Magazine Online
Volume 21
Number 4
Summer 2004
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Cover of Summer 2004 print issue

Cuba Backstage

The Mondavi Center goes to Cuba to investigate firsthand
the country’s wealth of talent.

Assignment Vietnam

College freshmen—born after the Vietnam War—find there’s no better way to learn about history than from those who lived it.

Big Fish

When the subject of your research is about to go extinct, what do you do? Graduate student Zeb Hogan heads to Southeast Asia to save his.


Musician Bob Regan ’72 knows that “free” music on the Internet isn’t.

Finding the Sweet Spot: The Science of Baseball

Baseball is both art and science—and a fruitful subject of study.

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About the cover: Do fastballs really fly farther than curveballs? UC Davis’ Sports Biomechanics Laboratory has the answer in The Science of Baseball. Photo by Wayne Tilcock/The Davis Enterprise; photo illustration by Jay Leek.

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