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UC Davis Magazine

Volume 29 · Number 3 · Spring 2012

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There's no place like dome

Photo: Igloo-shaped fiberglass dome with Japanese-style gate in foreground They're back. Just when their future looked doomed, the Domes have a new lease on life. We report on how a groundswell of community support helped save the funky student housing co-op.

A pound of cure

Photo: smiling physician in his office As an emergency room doctor, Garen Wintemute treats a lot of gunshot wounds. As a researcher who studies gun violence as an epidemic, he believes he can help patients more — through prevention.

Making sense of innovation

Photo: doctoral student Lorna de Leoz in a lab Just because someone comes up with an idea that could change the world doesn't guarantee that it will. Entrepreneurship experts and new programs at UC Davis are working to make sure that research breakthroughs move to the marketplace for the public good.